Motorcycle - Chain Lube
chain lube
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Packing: 200mL

Chain Lube

Rock chain lube is a mineral / synthetic composite oil which is also heat sensitive.

  • Penetrates inner pins and inside of the chain rollers
  • Thickens to a viscous, extreme pressure lubricant
  • Offers exceptional protection against shock loadings Resists flinging to a remarkable degree
  • Suitable for all 'O' ring and 'X' ring chains
  • Applied from an aerosolised container for ease of use
  • Contains advancedĀ anti-corrosionĀ and dewatering additives to help increase chain life
  • Extreme pressure additives reduce surface contact at the chain / sprocket interface, hence increasing sprocket life


Always allow solvent to evaporate to leave finished product, failure to do so will allow product to fling. This process takes approximately 20 minutes depending upon ambient temperature.

Typical Physical Characteristics

Density 0.898
Viscosity @ 100C 175.0cSt
Viscosity Index 110
Solvent Content 23%
Appearance Viscous blue liquid
chain wax
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Packing: 400mL

Chain Wax

Chain Wax is essential to help keep your chain in good working order. A well waxed chain will not only last significantly longer but will also extend the life of sprockets and reduce friction thus increasing power.

Applied from an aerosol container Rock Oil's chain wax penetrates the inside of the chain's rollers and thickens to a viscous wax which ensures optimum power delivery by reducing friction and noise and absorbing the shocks encountered between chain and sprocket.

Directions For Use

Clean chain using a paintbrush and a small amount of oil cleaner (e.g. Rock Oil Soluble Oil Cleanser).

Apply chain wax sparingly to bottom run of chain, covering all rollers and side plates.

Allow chain wax to penetrate and thicken.

Complete thickening usually takes 30 minutes, however this time may significantly be increased in cold weather when it is advisable to leave overnight.

For best results use little and often.


In certain circumstances, such as over application or riding before the wax has been allowed to thicken, excess chain wax may be flung onto the rear tyre.

Typical Physical Characteristics

Density @ 15C 0.897
Viscosity @ 100C 150.0 cSt
Viscosity Index 110
Solvent Content 23%
Appearance Brown solid