Bicycle - Maintenance and Repair
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Packing: 150 ml

AAS Juice

AAS Juice is a premium, aluminium anti-seize assembly paste. Using it will allow easy future deconstruction for maintenance by preventing against cold welding, corrosion and seizure. It will also ensure a squeak free interface between parts. And nobody likes a squeaky interface!


Apply a small amount – just enough to cover the threads on your component part and then tighten to the required torque setting as advised in the manufacturer’s instructions. Wipe of any excess.

AAS Juice is safe to use in all metal to metal contact situations.

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Packing: 150 ml

Bearing Juice

Bearing Juice is a grease designed for use in low temperature applications such as hubs, bottom brackets and headsets. Don’t be alarmed that Bearing Juice is not purple and/or shiny – it doesn't need to be! These types of greases are lithium complex greases and are designed to work in applications where a high operating temperature is achieved such as a car wheel hub. Without these high temperatures being achieved the grease does not release its lubricating oils as effectively as it should and you don’t get optimum lubrication. Bearing Juice also has high resistance to water wash out which will help keep your bearing’s running smoother for longer through the British summer time.


To breathe new life in to a set of bearings carefully remove the outer and inner seals with a very thin screwdriver to reveal the bearings within their race. It is advisable to clean the bearings as much as possible with a degreaser such as Brake Juice or Dirt Juice Super Gnarl and then rinse with water before allowing them to dry out for as long as possible. Finally re-pack the bearings with fresh Bearing Juice before carefully replacing the inner seal followed by the outer seals.

We are sure you realise this, but the Jet Wash is the definitive arch enemy of the humble bearing so whilst we appreciate how convenient they can be to use, you should always take care to not focus the jet on any bearings as it will almost certainly reduce the lifespan of the bearings as it will force muck past the seals and into the bearing race leading to that horrible rough and gritty feeling. You wouldn't enjoy sand in your pants and neither do ball bearings……

dot 5.1
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Packing: 500 mL

DOT 5.1 Universal Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Fluid

Rock DOT 5.1 is a high quality brake and clutch fluid, blended from superior materials to a high standard of purity.

  • Suitable for use in all motor vehicles and motorcycles made in the UK, USA, Europe and Japan
  • It cannot be used in Citroen or other vehicles requiring mineral based fluids
  • Mixes safely with the SAE J1703, DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 brake fluids

DOT 5.1 is designed to meet the stringent demands of the following specifications:

SAE J1703, SAE J 1704

US FMVSS 116 DOT 5.1, DOT 4 AND DOT 3.

ISO 4925


Brake fluid can damage vehicle paintwork and it must be washed off with water immediately. It is also necessary to keep the container tightly sealed to prevent absorption of moisture.

Contamination with dirt, water, petroleum products or other materials may result in brake failure or costly repairs.

Typical Physical Characteristics

Density @ 20C 1.050
Equilibrium reflux boiling point 269 C
Wet equilibrium boiling point 187 C
Viscosity @ -40C 810 cSt
Viscosity @ 100C 2.16 cSt