Rock Oil has vast automotive experience with a long history of motorsport involvement, including supporting a factory team at Le Mans. This involvement at the very highest level ensures that we are at the forefront of lubrication technology. With today’s modern automotive requirements such as high specific horsepower output combined with the need for reduced emission levels and extended drain intervals, lubricants have to work harder than ever to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

To achieve these demanding criteria, Rock Oil has succeeded in developing a sophisticated range of products to cater for every possible need, including, engine oils, gear oils, suspension fluids, brake fluids, anti-freeze and a whole range of ancillary products. Many vehicle manufacturers such as: VW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW have opted to use the diesel particulate filters (DPF). To maintain the health of the DPF Rock Oil worked closely with many of the worlds leading additive companies to develop a range of products specially designed not only to meet but exceed the requirements of diesel particulate filters.

Each Rock Oil lubricant has a specific set of approvals which meet various OEM (original equipment manufacturer) recommendations. By ensuring you check the approval your engine requires and selecting the lubricant that has this approval, you will be giving your vehicle the lubricant it needs to continue to run smoothly and efficiently whilst satisfying emission and economy requirements.