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Kool hc
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Packing: 1L

Kool HC

Kool HC is an ethylene glycol based ready to use engine coolant which employs Organic Acid Inhibitor Technology. It is a pre-diluted (with de-ionised water) product and should only be used as a complete engine coolant

  • Free from nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates and silicates
  • Unlike traditional coolants which employ inorganic inhibitors, Kool HC has excellent stability and very low inhibitor depletion rates
  • Compatible with most other ethylene glycol based coolants but for optimum performance and durability we recommend that prior to using Kool HC in systems previously filled with traditional coolant that the cooling system is drained and flushed with clean water before filling with Kool HC
  • Gives total protection from -17C to normal operating temperatures
Performance Specifications / Approvals:

ASTM D3306
ASTM D4985
BS 6580 (1992)
SAE J1034
FFV Heft R443
CUNA NC 956-16.UNE 26361-88
JIS K2234
AFNOR NF R15-601 (except for reserve alkalinity)

Important: Please follow equipment manufacturer recommendations regarding drain intervals.

Typical Physical Characteristics

Density @ 15°C 1.040
pH 8.2
Freezing Point -17°C
Appearance Clear red / orange liquid